Our class wa made up of Chris and Jason from Washington DC. One is a lawyer; the other works for the University of Califonia (representing them? in DC). Tony, my cooking partner, is from Lebanon.. a member of the Municiple Council. Tony also lived in California for 12 years. Lee and Philip are doctors who come from upstate New York but practise in Baltimore, Maryland. Lee is a neurologist and Philip is a general surgeon. We talked of "The Donald" (how could I not have asked?) and had a few laughs about him. Finally, all items shopped for and cleaned, it was time to begin. First we prepared the Sangria. It needed to sit and absorb flavors awhile. Then we prepared the Gazpacho. Blending that was easy. The hard part was straining it! Finally we prepared the paella. It was a long process and at this point, I'll admit the paella cooking in the pictures above is Lee and Philip's because their prawn and mussel placement was more symetrical! End result... tasty!! Thanks to all of you for making the experience so enjoyable, especially to Eduardo. our host!