It amazes me that although some people seem to live off the street that they still have their dog which is well cared for. This lady had 4 dogs... papa Mario, a mather, baby pup and another breed pup. All resting on a comfortable pillow with water and food near by. The Cardamomo Theatre was close to my hostal. A short walk and I was there. A small stage surrounded by tables on two sides and raised seating in the back where I was. There were 6 performers... two guitarists (the iffy picture was the best I could do in the dimly lit place) one of whom did a solo which was amazing. Two singers... an older man and a younger woman who were quite ich in tone. Finally, there were 2 dancers... a younger woman who was very good BUT in my opinion, it was the male dancer who was exceptional. I sat with Alejandra (mother) and Rosakita (daughter) from Mexico City... lovely ladies, both! After the show as I walked down the street, I came across a little girl who was playing with a lady's dog. The dog gave the girl a paw and licks, too. There seemed to be a real connection. A cat came by and the dog's attention then shifted. I walked down the rest of the street with the family (Julia and family from New York) and learned that Julia had once owned a shepherd/husky cross like my adored Lucy.