To begin your tour, you go up to the 1st level. There, you can look out towards the Plaza on the veranda. The arena itself is organized in tiers. Seats on one side tend to be in the shade (time of events) and therefore more expensive. The Royal Box will be in the shade. As you continue your tour, different forms of media augment your audio guide and they explain where the different people enter the ring, etc. For example, the bull fighters enter near section 9 so people sitting there have an excellent view of them and of their "Show" caps which are hung on the rails. The bull's entrance is quite fortified and dit's interesting to see that there are spots for both veterinarians AND medics. There is a chapel with three kneeling pillows. Since each fight features 3 matadors fighting 2 bulls each, I assume that's why that certain number. Pictures weren't allowed in the museum but I will tell you that there are pictures (and bronze busts and/or statues) or famous fighters, a representation of their FANCY dress, their weapons and capes, and, most important of all, heads of famous bulls!