After lunch, I walked down Calle Mayor to Puerto del Sol. Same route but I noticed new things. Then I took a trip down a side street in order to visit a shop selling traditional Spanish clothing... Maty! On the way I encountered a statue? a performance artist?? The guy was SO perfectly like a statue, it took awhile to decide. He FINALLY blinked. It was the only way to know! When I got to Maty, it was unfortunately closed for lunch (1:45 - 4:30) but I was able to peek into some windows to see some wonderful things. Now headed for my hostal, I noted an unusual delivery method for a store that would NEVER deliver in Canada and a computer store which is always busy whether in Spain or Canada or anywhere else I've been. I also found out how serious people from Madrid are about their dogs. The little pictured was imported from California becuase his owner just had to have one!