I was nervous going to the IMT Welcoming Meeting. I certainly didn't know what to expect. I went to the lobby where many of the group were already gathered. I took the time to say hello to Sergi who I had met at IMT in Barcelona in 2012. Sergi was one of the two guys at the rental place who helped me pick some routes to explore near Barcelona. Not too long after the general "hello", we went into a sort of "cubby hole" behind the elevators to have a introduction/safety/what are we doing tomorrow meeting. There, Diane (wife of Paul) immediately sat down beside me to introduce herself. Her gesture made me relax quite a bit. Next, we all introduced ourselves and told everyonw a bit about ourselves and why we had come... Martin, our head guide, Sergi, our support person - although he is normally also a head guide, Scott, the managing director of IMT, Diane and Paul from New York (Paul had been on an IMT ride to Sardinia and Corsica fairly recently), John, a banker from Oregon, Isaac, Myron and Joey from L.A., a father and two sons (who had left Ben the youngest son behind because he waffled on coming and missed the chance), Dan and Jill, father and daughter from Florida, and Chuck from San Antonio, Texas. I took that moment to let them know how excited I was to be visiting Segovia in particular and gave them each one of my Spanish Mountains and Castles buttons. Martin, our head guide, then took charge of the meeting. He went over safety issues, talked about the structure of our days and so on. Afterwards, we walked to dinner. I'm not certain of the name of the place but we walked down Calle de Moratin to get there so I recognized the neighbourhood well.