When we arrived in Avila we stopped for gas. From the station, we could see the gated city of Avila. We rode to a gate on the north side of the wall to enter and arrive almost immediately at the Parador de Avila. The Palace Piedras Albas was converted into a Parador in 1966. It's layout was somewhat confusing because the rooms have been created in the structures various nooks and crannies. The hallways and lobby display artifacts from the times the Palace was still just that. After puting my bag in my room, I grabbed my camera and went outside to see if I could find a way to travel up and along the walls of the city. Although I got some nice views, I couldn't figure out how to get up to the paths that I could see people walking so I went back into the Parador where Vicky, a college student from China taking a degree in tourism, gave me directions on how to find one of three points of access to the wall. That led me down Marques de Santa Domingo where I was able to climb a ramp near the north west corner of the wall and arrive atop the wall.