Upon exiting from my walk along the wall, I, normally having a pretty good sense of direction, was TOTALLY confused about how to get back to the Parador. The tall buildings which might or might not have been part of the wall, made me feel like I was in a maze. I did the sensible thing and asked for directions back to the Parador. Two men directed me a certain way then walked off in the opposite direction. Much good that did me. As I passed impressive buildings along the way, it seems all I was doing was going in a big circle. I continued to get directions from different people but I didn't seem to be making any progress. Ironically, I ran into the two men who had given me my original set of directions and they sent me through Plaza Mayor in the completely opposite direction to what I would have guessed on my own. A block later, I ran into Diane and Paul who were also a BIT turned around. I told them what the men had said then Paul said... Oh yeah... look there! It was the Parador. AND to be perfectly honest, had he not pointed it out, I would NOT have recognized it. I would have walked right by! We had our nightly meeting in he outside bar (CHILLY!) then made our way to the dining room for a delicious dinner of our choice... starter, main course, and dessert... which turned out to be standard way each Parador would serve us. I was really tired at the end of dinner... it was 11 or later by that time and didn't bother with pictures or web pages as I normally would have done. In fact, I'm organizing all these pages at home in Winnipeg, a week after my return to Canada!