We navigated through an industrial end of Madrid to reach a fairly major road - I would assume it was an Autopista. Soon we were on a regional road with nice sweepers to lead us to El Escorial. When everyone turned to go up a hill to a lookout, I missed it at first but simply went around the traffic circle again to meet up with them. Unfortunately, I à ended up stalling the bike (for shame!) but as I tried to restart it, I had trouble because I was on an up-slope and I couldn't get my left foot on the ground very easily while my right had to be on the brake... I felt really awkward and stressed because the others were waiting for me... I managed however and wished at that moment I'd dry-runned slopes at home... I'm not certain where I'd have found one... Maybe an underpass?? :) Despite the ragged riding, it was worth it. At the top of the hill, you had an excellent view of part of the road we'd navigated to get up there as well as a nice view of El Excorial and its Monastery. Beautiful! At that point, I learned that Sergi is half mountain goat... he scrambled up the slope on the other side of the road to take pictures of the group admiring the view and listening to Martin tell about the area.