Our next stop led us upward. By the time we got to Navacerrada, we all felt like popsicles. It was very cold. Evidently Navacerrada is the closest ski resort to Madrid. There was still snow on the slopes, although not enough except maybe to slide down the icy patches. We really needed our coffees to warm up... Restaurante Venta Arias Navacerrada was glad to comply by whipping up various delicious concoctions, mine being cafe leche - coffee with milk. Yum. Fortunately at thiss stop I was also able to switch my "comfort seat" with Joey's regular seat. This allowed me to actually put BOTH feet on the ground when stopped. Good we switched here... to leave Navacerrada, we went downhill and around a few switchbacks and I was WAYYY more comfortable switching my position on the new seat.