We rode into Segovia from the south. Once we were in the city, we rode right past the aquaduct. Because that aquaduct was on my list of "MUST sees", it took some concentration to negotiate away from it when all I wanted to do was look at it. We rode on cobblestone roads which zigged and zagged uphill and away from the aquaduct. I was worried that I'd never get a chance to get back there! Perhaps it was a good thing that I wasn't overthinking the roads up to the castle because they really weren't anything I'd normally tackle on a motorcycle being a flatlander and also an ashphalt type of gal. I was glad to give my bike over to Martin to park it against a retaining wall. There really wasn't a patch of level ground EXCEPT where the bikes ended up. Side saddle, standing on the left footpeg, Martin calmly and quickly zipped this way and that to place my 700 in a safe spot. We all rid ourselves of our helmets and jackets and proceeded on our individual ways to see Segovia. I first walked towards the castle - Alcazar de Segovia - to take a few pictures then to the edge of the road to take pictures towards the distant north below. Then, I went down the road (I thought) Martin had said to follow to get to the cathedral and the aquaduct. Why the confusion? The fork in the road. Not to worry. I ended up seeing a few interesting things on Calle Velarde before negotiating my way back to Calle Daioz. The Catedral de Segovia was huge. It was difficult to see differnt parts of it since you were so close to it and there certainly was no room to step back to get a better view. I suppose that's why many "official" pictures of the church are taken from a distance (down the mountain) or from an aerial perspective. One thing is for sure... the building was very beautiful... many ornate details. In its lavishness, it reminded me of the Duomo in Milan. Next up - as in most Spanish cities I've been in, Segovia had a Plaza Mayor. The square was packed with people. They seemed to be setting up an event. I had no idea how to get to the aquaduct so I found a person with a dog (Likely to be a "local") to direct me. Along the rest of the route I came across other impressive buidings and decorations. with a dog