After seeing the aquaduct, I thought I should get back towards the castle as soon as possible to get a better look at it. As often is the case, even when you're taking the same route back, there's things you've missed the first time past. That certainly was true as I walked down Calle Cervantes and Calle Juan Bravo towards the main square. I stopped at a cafe in Plaza Mayor for a quick bite to eat before going back down Calle Daoiz to the castle. I took some time to check out the the Plaza de la Merced with its pretty fountain and the Iglesia de San Andreas beside it. I arrived at the castle with some time to look at its exterior more closely although not enough time to enter. One set of towers was either being repaired or cleaned but, keeping that in mind, the castle didn't quite look like the pictures I'd seen of it. On our ride out of town, it became clear why. From the road and far below the cliff it's built on, the view we see in online pictures is evident. Lucky for me, Sergi was taking pictures of us as we rode by that very spot and the picture of me passing the castle is definitely one I'll frame.