After a very restless night (Not feeling in "ride shape", I was feeling a bit nervous), I met the group downstairs in the lobby for 9:00 a.m. I actually ended up in the lobby before 7 a.m. and met up with Chuck and Jill (who went for a run) and John. John and I found the breakfast room at 7:30 and after breakfast we went to our rooms to get our things. Diane assured me that I should take all my luggage because "that's what the van is for" so I stuck my carry-on into the top of my hockey bag and took it to the van where Sergi was waiting for it and the other bags. There was also a passenger van to take us all to the IMT headquarters. When we arrived, all the bikes were outside, lined up for us. To find your bike, you merely needed to find your name; there was a label on the tank. My 700GS was white with a flashy red frame. Nice. We were given the option of taking off the pannier bags (which I did... extra weight and not needed if the van was taking our luggage) but it was suggested we keep the top cases (made perfect sense to me... somewhere to store personal belongings as you ride and somewhere to stow your helmet when you're stopped). They took us upstairs to the office. I immediately noted the presense of several guitars and a drum kit and was reminded of the New Tek style of workplace - "have fun where you work!" There was some paperwork. You needed to check your bike for damage or be accountable for it later. There was a sheet with all those particulars which you signed off on. A copy was given to you as proof of rental in case you were stopped by the police, etc. It was all extremely organized and it really didn't take us all that long to get going for our first riding destination.